New EU VAT regulations

The EU has changed the VAT regulations for downloads: the VAT will now be charged at the rate of the country where the buyer lives (instead of the seller).

This is a problem for me. I can’t carry on offering The Dodo Dragon as a download unless I find some way to automatically charge VAT at the correct rate for customers who might be in Estonia, Iceland, Ireland or Greece.

Luckily, this doesn’t apply if I email the book to the customer. I’d like to find a way of automating this, but if you want to buy The Dodo Dragon, please email me or use the contact form.

A la venta de nuevo

Portada de Una espectacular ventana
Portada de Una espectacular ventana



Han llegado nuevas existencias de “Una espectacular ventana al universo” y está a la venta otra vez.

Sin existencias

Se han agotado las existencias de “Una expectacular ventana al universo”. Hemos perdido más, y deben llegar al principio de deciembre. Perdone las molestias.

Summer Vacation

If that’s too slow and you want to cancel, just email me at Dragon Tree Publishing <> and I’ll give you a refund.


Sorry for the inconvenience.

Janice Clark reviews “The Seer’s Stone”

Janice Clark is an American children’s writer, author of “The Hall of Doors” series. She’s reviewed “The Seer’s Stone” on her blog, Tea With the Black Dragon.

A very enjoyable book

Nicely illustrated by Jorge Beda and Mercedes Martin; many of the delightful interior illustrations make me think of old wood-cuts.

This is meant to be a collection of stories for children, and I’m sure the grandchildren will enjoy it, but I liked it, too. Crosby presents a dozen stories, closely tied to the history and legends of La Palma in the Canary Islands. The mysterious seer’s stone is a unifying thread for the stories, which cover events from 1493 to a little past the present day. Of course, as a fantasy and science fiction writer, Crosby throws in such elements as dragons, time travel, space ships,  and visiting aliens.

Read the whole review here.


You can read more about The Seer’s Stone here, or buy it from our sales page.

The Seer’s Stone is on sale

Cover for The Seer's Stone
Cover for The Seer’s Stone

Copies of “The Seer’s Stone” have arrived, and the book is now on sale from our product page, and from three shops in Los Cancajos. It should be available elsewhere soon.

For children aged about 10 – 12. More details of the book here.

Updated again: Where to buy the guide books to the observatory

The cover of 'A Breathtaking Window on the Universe'
The cover of ‘A Breathtaking Window on the Universe’

This guide book is now on sale from the Product page, or from the following shops


Esta guía está a la venta desde la página web de venta, o de las siguientes tiendas:

Santa Cruz de La Palma
Libreria Trasera
La Molina Artesania
Best of La Palma
Papiro Libros
Casa Fideo

San Pedro
Museo del Puro
Libreria la Estrella

Los Cancajos
Artesania Las Nieves
Bazar Costa Souvenir (beside Costa Salinas)
Astrolapalma office (the last shop as you leave Los Cancajos to the south)

Los Sauces
Libraría Iriarte

Libraría Barlovento

El Molino
Casa Roja/Belmaco

Los Llanos
Maria Luisa (Just below the church)

El Time viewpoint

Tazacorte Tourist Office

Santa Domingo town hall
La Zarza and La Zarzita archeological museum

Turque Bazaar

Librería Tijarafe (beside the school)

Cubierta de 'Una espectacular ventana al universo'
Cubierta de ‘Una espectacular ventana al universo’