“The Dodo Dragon and Other Stories” is on sale

Dodo Dragon cover
The Dodo Dragon and Other Stories

Nine quirky SF stories by Sheila Crosby to entertain you.
On sale April 23rd 2012, and available for Kindle, iPad, Mac and PCs.

Cover painting by Merche Martin Morillo
Layout by Eco-geek

This book currently has 4.5 stars on Amazon.com, but it’s slightly cheaper from our own products page, which also offers other electronic formats.

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Coming on Monday

Our SF anthology, “The Dodo Dragon and other stories” will be on sale as an eBook from Monday 23rd April – Shakespeare’s birthday.

Nine quirky stories to entertain you from an off-beat imagination of Sheila Crosby.

“If you like tongue in cheek retro sci-fi, often filled with bad puns, much in the vein of those 50s & 60s anthologies, with a twist of Ellison, Sheckley or Silverberg, then you’ll find stuff in here you’ll like…had me laughing out loud on several occasions.” Matt Kelland

“Almost all the stories are witty and amusing. Many of them with surprise endings, a talent that Sheila often uses in her stories. Some of the stories are set in the Canary Islands where Sheila lives and provides with a setting that isn’t seen in too many stories. 

Scream Quietly was my favorite story in the book. That story is told in letters from an anguished mother who faces an unusual predicament, one of the stories with a surprise twist at the end.”  Hank Quense 


Full details at http://dragontree.sheilacrosby.com/blog/the-dodo-dragon-and-other-stories/